• Our wedding fee includes 20 minutes of prelude music while your guests arrive, all processionals, recessionals, and ceremony music, as well as two pieces of postlude music for guests exiting your ceremony.  Typically, this is considered an hour of service.  Any additional music for cocktails and receptions is available at an additional fee.

    Typically we play classical selections during the ceremony but can play any style or even an arrangement of "Your Song" to make your music selection unique and personal to your wedding.


    Bella Duo


     The violin and cello duet  or violin and guitar duet can fill any space perfectly.  

    The repertoire includes everything from classical to

    jazz to pop to modern day selections. This ensemble is available using electric or

    classical instruments and can be amplified.  This

    unique duo is the perfect addition to any event, wedding, restaurant space or outdoor party.






    Cello, Guitar and Violin soloists are available and can offer a range of music.  


    These soloists will add a beautiful sound to any


    event.  Perfect for smaller events. 



    Guitar and Violin Duet- NEW



    Now offering this beauiful duet which is perfect for every event. This duet can perform your favorite songs from

    classical to pop, can be amplified and fit in small spaces. 


    In order for the ensemble to have a visual presence during the event, most clients request that we sit at the front of the wedding ceremony or of the room, however we need ample playing space as to not interfere with any members of the bridal party or guests seated in the front.
    Please prepare to give our larger ensembles a space of approximately 8'x 10'.
    In addition to ample space, the ensemble will need armless chairs.  If low lighting is used for ambience we can provide our own stand lights but will need access to an electrical outlet that is no more than 6' away from where we would play.


    Outdoor Events
    Our ensembles are used to playing outside in the beautiful Florida sunlight however cannot play in wet or rainy conditions.  During the summer months we ask to be seated in the shade in order to protect our instruments.  If this is not a possibility, our ensemble will only be able to play for up to 30 minutes in direct sunlight.

    For beach weddings, we require a steady board that can be hidden beneath the sand or some firm platform to play on.  It is very important that we coordinate visual cues for the processionals and sinking chairs and music stands can be both distracting both to us and the guests.