• Can I listen to Bella Strings before I book you or before you play at my event? Of Course!  Our online sound samples were professionally recorded to give you a realistic idea of what you will hear on the day of your event.  Unfortunately we cannot invite you to hear our performances since they are typically private events.  Due to the nature of freelance performing, our schedules are not able to accommodate open rehearsals. 

    Do you attend wedding rehearsals? Unfortunately, we are not able to attend wedding ceremony rehearsals since our schedules are extremely busy.  We can assure you that with over a combined 400 events performed annually, there is no need for us to rehearse at the location.  We will arrive well in advance of starting our Prelude in order to coordinate our cues with the event planner or with the bridal party.

    What do you need on the day?  We will need four armless chairs and a short meeting with the coordinator to discuss the flow of the event.  In advance, we need to be informed if there will be "mood lighting" so we can prepare to play in low light situations.  In a church or ballroom, we will not need amplification. 

    What will you wear on the day? Our members will wear formal black on the day of your event.  For women, all black.  For men, tuxedo or all black.  For daytime or corporate events, men will often wear a dark suit and tie or all black.   We are happy to accommodate any wardrobe requests with enough advance notice.

    How should I list your ensemble in the program? It is not necessary to list our ensemble members for your event.  We ask that you list our ensemble as Bella Strings in your program.

    Will you accompany my friend or family member who would like to sing for my wedding? We are more than happy to accompany a friend or family member who would like to dedicate a special song to you at your wedding.  We ask to know the music selection as much in advance as possible and ask that they contact us approximately one month prior to the wedding regarding specifics of the song.  We do not charge extra for this service as a 15 minute rehearsal of the song prior to the prelude is enough time to coordinate the music.

    I have some additional questions not addressed here.  What is the best way to contact you?   Please write us an email or give us a call.  Our email address is: bellastrings@gmail.com  or you can reach Stephanie Doucette at (407) 716-0239.